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In summer 2001 I decided to change how I make music. I took apart my big MIDI rig and replaced it with a good soundcard and a copy of Propellerheads Reason, which by the way is a pretty amazing piece of software.

In order to have historical records and for the sake of posterity, I recorded the process of my studio transformation in a series of pictures. Enjoy!

The old studio from the outside
Another one of the old studio looking in
The old main racks
Another shot of the old main racks
Another rack, and my 1200
Keyboard rack and electronic drums
Monitor speakers (Alesis Monitor Point Seven's)
Hey, where'd the keyboards go?
Yup, keyboards are gone
An ant's-eye perspective on the work in progress
Cable Hell
Cable Hell II
Keyboard cables
Lots of cables
So many cables, so little time
The disaster area in the middle of the work
An innocent computer caught in the onslaught
Looks like a tornado went through here
More tornado damage
Cables tucked away for storage
The old equipment, in a nice neat stack
The finished product, a new studio
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