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Since I spend the vast majority of my time these days developing software and managing people for a living, the stuff here is pretty old and in fact not very well maintained. The DW-8000 editor used to be shareware, but I can't really justify shareware for something that hasn't been updated since 1995. Beat Master was, is, and always will be free.

I no longer support these applications. If they work for you, that's great, and have fun. If they don't and you can't figure out why not, I'm afraid you're not going to get any help from me. These were written with Visual Basic 3.0 (the latest version is 6.0) and for Windows 3.1. Sometimes they work under Windows 95, NT, or 98. Sometimes they don't.

Source Code! I have received requests for the editor source code from others who would like to maintain these programs. The list of links below includes a new zip file containing the source. Before you jump into this with complete abandon, please keep the following in mind:

  • The code was written in Visual Basic 3.0. Visual Basic is up to version 6.0 and 7.0 is in beta as of summer 2001.
  • You will need to download the version 1.01 zip to get all the 16-bit controls (.VBX files) you need.
  • The project file references directories that probably won't exist for you.
  • I haven't compiled this since 1994, so I'm not making any promises.

A few programs I've written here and there

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