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Welcome to ARUGGERI.COM, 2009-? Edition

That's right, I haven't done a significant update of the core of this site since 2009. Life goes on. This remains the site where I share a certain level of autobiographical information, reveling in my embrace of a separate web presence that predates any social network out there including Facebook, MySpace, and heck, even GeoCities (if you actually remember what GeoCities was). You will only pry my personal domain away from me by taking it from my cold, dead hands.

There is a "new" 2011 version of the site lurking here, unfinished, full of marvelous table-driven content and metadata and 2011-chic flat design and such. It's a little amusing if you can find it. Hint: finding it isn't very difficult. Another hint: it's really not that new, is it?

You can find the old designs for the site at the History page, because the archivist/historian force has always been strong in my family.

Be sure to visit these other fine sibling sites for additional and truly amazing content:

www.jurassicpizza.com for my digital photography work
www.deisub.com and www.ds2music.com for my ongoing projects in electronic music
www.psychoticfern.com for my online gaming persona
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