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You have reached the official home pages of Anthony Ruggeri (Princeton Molecular Biology class of 1995). Yes that's right, I already graduated. But this home page is still up. Go figure. Feel free to look around, there are loads of links here. In addition this site has tons of new and different pages and will be growing into a mammoth project to take over the internet.

DEI SUB is the prospective name for my techno band, about to explode onto the scene any day now... I am currently working on a demo tape which, when completed, should be damn good. Tell me if you want to hear it.

Links in My House

What I do

I was a molecular biology major who now works as a programmer/systems analyst who is trying to pursue music at the professional level. My thesis was on the evolution of evolutionary constraints, an examination and rebuke of the more extreme theories put forth by proponents of structuralism in biology (like anybody cares at this point). My job is with Formal Systems, Inc. and includes everything from C and C++ programming in DOS and Windows to network administration to HTML authoring and design (being the resident lazy-college-student-who-surfs-all-the-time-over-ethernet Internet Consultant). My musical interests include techno, trance, house, ambient, rave, and just about anything else of an electronic nature; I hope to get a record deal at some point (that is to say soon) and make big bucks (or at least be able to buy even more cool equipment). Though this equipment thing is a lot less of a problem now that I have a job. See my kit list to see what I mean.

I also like to travel to warm, sunny places with palm trees, beaches, and rainforests, preferably south of Guatemala, but I haven't done much of this recently. While there I like exploiting the biodiversity of these regions to enhance my personal collection of Coleopteran insects, something else which I haven't done in a while.

TRTR is actually the name I used to use for my musical pursuits. DJ RUGE is the name I might use should I ever decide to DJ. House of Ruggeri used to be my private HTTP server (running HTTP v1.4). Now it's just my home page, and this site is under MAJOR construction at all times.


What can I say, I love it. Send me some.