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Here are some examples of my work (Note: this section is not yet functional):

Demo Tape!

Brand new, a 60-minute cassette full of 10 tracks of music in a variety of styles, ranging from 140 bpm dance techno to slow ambient. My medium of choice is Maxell IIS tapes; the demo was recorded with Dolby B (Dolby C is cleaner but is rather finicky between different players). Two of these pieces have been "performed" (e.g. played) in public already.

Super-Easy Deluxe TRTR Mail Link

So you want the demo tape, or you want to give me a record deal right now, huh? No problem... just mail me and say so. I suppose you could mail for other reasons, too... like to say HOW EXCELLENT my home page is, and other stuff like that. Oh, and if you have Netscape, you'll find this to be far less of a pain in the butt.

Molecular Biology

Go away. Don't tell anyone about it. Yes, dammit, I am a senior in the department, ok?!! It's not my fault! It's not my fault!!!! Whew, yeah, I'm ok, I'm ok... I'm writing my thesis on the evolution of evolutionary constraint (not a typo) and the sooner it's done and over with the better.

Korg DW-8000

Check here for info about this synthesizer and the Windows editor/librarian I've written for it.

Sound Blaster AWE32

Go here for a page about the AWE32 sound card--sites, info, and tips for getting pro sound out of the E-mu synth chip.

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