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For the latest info on Dei Sub and DS2, please visit the dedicated site, www.ds2music.com.

When I was at college I discovered electronic dance music, or rather, I discovered that I could create music on a computer and then discovered that with a little bit of equipment I could make tracks that were pretty close to what was coming out at the time, during the First Age of Rave.

"First Age of Rave"? Did I actually write crap like that? Anyway... that and a couple visits to raves and clubs made me obsessed with creating music for the next several years. I spent pretty much all of my free time in 1995, 1996, and 1997 working in the studio creating my own tracks. I did a variety of stuff that today would be classified as trance, hard trance, New York techno, art jungle, trip-hop, and so forth. I still have a lot of unpublished tracks that it would be nice to put out on vinyl. I did put out a number of tracks on vinyl that sold relatively well (for underground dance music) under the name Dei Sub. The name is meaningless by itself, but is derived from Princeton's motto, Dei Sub Numine Viget. Yes, I did take Latin at Princeton, so I know what it means, and no, it doesn't mean what it means.

I also studied classical piano for 10 years, so maybe someday I will go back to that. My wife and I have two pianos and hardly any time to play! I have even had thoughts of being a DJ, but I'm not going to retire young enough to be legit.

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