2001: an aruggeri.com odyssey
Welcome to aruggeri.com - the best site in the whole wide world.
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Welcome to aruggeri.com.

New and Improved, Slimmer, Faster, Better Tasting.

This is the personal web site of Anthony Ruggeri. Here you will probably find more information about me than you ever really wanted to know.

Take a look around and enjoy yourself. If you actually came here looking for something useful, it's probably in the Downloads + Links section.

Recent News

05-05-2002 - May 2002 already? New mp3s, new games, new books, and more.
11-11-2001 - New mp3's in the music section.
10-13-2001 - Got the Pentium IV. Added the computers history, more studio stuff, lists, and photo album.
07-01-2001 - Haven't had time to update the site thanks to Propellerheads Reason and Pentium IV planning.
05-19-2001 - Posted the DW-8000 editor source code.
04-03-2001 - Updates, more MP3s.
02-12-2001 - New car pictures! That is... new pictures of my new car.
01-06-2001 - The home page seemed empty, so I added the paintings.
01-01-2001 - Happy New Year! After several months I finally decided to get off my butt and update the site.

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